Saturday, November 19, 2016

New Book Release and Book Launch Party @ Songbird

Please help us celebrate, Tuesday Dec. 6th 

Book Launch Party from 7 to 8:30 pm. 

@ Songbird Community Healing Center

8297 Old Redwood Hwy.  Cotati, Ca.

           NEW!  NOVEMBER 2016


Tarot At The Crossroads, The Unexpected 
Meeting of Tarot and Psychology

by Kooch and Victor Daniels


IF YOU’RE A TAROT READER, you’ll find insights and understandings that are in no other work on the Tarot. The book addresses the relationship between reader and client. It shows how to uncover thoughts, feelings, and sensations that underlie first reactions to a card, and it offers a number of unique new spreads that can add additional dimensions and depth to your readings.

IF YOU’RE A COUNSELOR, our discussions of visual imagery will take you to new understandings for working with clients. Much of our thinking occurs as mental pictures and mind-movies. This book details how to use a collection of visual images as a substitute for psychodramatic enactment, empty chair dialogues, sand trays, or artistic media...and so much more!

 This wonderful book integrates traditional tarot interpretations with psychological insights to create meaningful interpretations and useful directions for your work whether you do readings for yourself, for friends, or professionally — or if you simply want to explore the value of using a symbolic language

The engaging style draws you right in. GET IT NOW at your favorite bookstore or click below on:

Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Today 1 PM Pacific time, Tarot With Kooch

please go to

Friday, July 22, 2016

New! New! New! Tarot At The Crossroads

  Summer is here!   May your summer time dreams come true!  One of mine is taking form that I'm sharing with you here:

  Tarot At The Crossroads, The Unexpected Meeting of Tarot And Psychology, has been gathering momentum for the past fourteen years.  It's due to be newly released this November via Schiffer Publishing.  I'm so excited.

  Victor, my co-author, and I take you on a tarot journey that bridges the worlds between tarot readers and counselors, psychotherapists, personal coaches and healers.  Unique tarot spreads and card methods are offered here that you'll find no where else.  There are numerous demonstration readings and color illustrations to accompany our discussions. 

Monday, May 30, 2016

            Review of the Voyager Tarot
By Kooch Daniels

When someone gave me the James Wanless Voyager Tarot, as a birthday gift, I was happily surprised to receive a modern, truly unique deck filled with vibrant collage images.  Initially, I had no idea that James had harnessed the spirit of the tarot to inspire oracular visions that would come to light on my divination table. 
 Not only did his multicultural cards that are crafted for “Fortune Creation” instead of “Fortune Telling” have a positive effect on me, but they also visibly inspired the many people who sat across from me at my reading table who looked at their colorful images.   Because of their upbeat quality, his deck, like the Delphi flame, could inspire people to easily open up and share emotions.  Shortly after I began doing readings with this original deck, and noticing that it deeply affected people, I became addicted to using it.  Even after more than two decades of using it to give readings, it is still one of my most trusted decks to most assuredly invoke a positive response from the uninitiated viewer.
These cards follow the structure of the long-established tarot format, but some new ideas are presented, especially in relation to the minor arcana suit that represents the element air.  Obviously James must feel a personal connection with the magic of crystals, as he has used crystals to represent the lesser trump that is traditionally symbolized by the swords. Most people love crystals, know something about their healing properties and feel hopeful when they are looking at them.  During readings, when someone views the crystals, an affirming response is often summoned in response to questions being asked.  It’s not that I’m lazy, but while working, I don’t miss needing to discuss why a sword has many meanings and that they don’t have to be viewed as a weapon or in a severing manner.
The Voyager Tarot makes it easy to understand why James Wanless is considered a leader in the tarot community, and “a visionary, educator, artist, new thought leader”.    If you love playing with the cards and your intention is to see behind the veil, don’t miss the benefit of working with these magical cards.

Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Sorry....but my life has been so busy that I haven't been posting here recently.  I won't cry on your shoulder as I know your life is busy too, but I will tell you that most of my time has been focused on meeting two separate publishing deadlines for turning in two manuscripts.  One highlights the tarot in relation to psychology and the other is an illustrated discussion of the chakras.  Both texts are a culmination of my life's passion and studies.  The writing of these books has taken more than the last several years.  After turning in a manuscript, it takes a publishing house about a year to turn it into a we'll all have to wait a bit longer to hear more about these upcoming unique treasures.

For now, I want to wish you happiness in the new year.  Today, the Sun has entered Aquarius @ 7:28 PAC time. Happy Dawning of the New Age & happy birthday to all Aquarians.

February Workshops

This coming Feb. I will be teaching at the PantheaCon conference in San Jose, California at the Double Tree Hotel.  If you're in the area on Feb. 14th or 15th and would like to connect for a reading, please contact me.

Or if you'd like to come to my workshops, on Sat., the 13th at 7 pm I'll be giving an interactive, learn-by-doing talk called "Decoding The Secrets In The Palm".  To learn more about my discussion, you can refer to my book, The Art And Magic Of Palmistry:

On Sunday, Feb. 14th, Valentines Day at the PantheaCon, I will be giving a talk at 1:30 called "Tarot Spreads To Explore Relationships".  If you want to learn more about using the tarot to discuss love or want to explore your emotions with the help of magical tarot cards, please come by.   For this discussion, I highlight the spreads in the book my partner Victor and I wrote in 2009, called Tarot D'Amour: