Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Happy New Year!

New Year's Affirmation:

“The Turning of the wheel of the New Year
Brings to my life good health,
great wealth, and happy times."

                 Kooch’s News:
                        Special guest on Kosmic Koffee this coming Weds. New Year's eve, at 1 pm Pac time: Robert Bosnak Jungian psychoanalyst who
                 is the author of 5 books of non-fiction in the fields of dreaming and creative imagination translated into over a dozen languages. He 
                 developed a method called embodied imagination. Can't wait to talk with him on Lifescape:  Call 657 383 0827 to listen or go 2 Blogtalk 

May Your New Year Be

Filled With Great Happiness!

 Love From Kooch

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Friday, December 5, 2014

December's Guest List For Kosmic Koffee!

Hope you can hear my Tarot Guild LifeScape's blogtalk radio show called Kosmic Coffee.   Every Wednesday, at 1 PM California time I’ll be exploring topics to inspire the mystically -minded. I’m your host, Kooch, and our show's focus is on divination and finding metaphysical resources to stir up a cauldron of magical reflections.  To listen, you can call 347-637-3372.   List will be posted of show's guests.....soon....love & happy holidays!!!!