Sunday, October 30, 2011

Your Day of Dead Horro-scope

Copyright 2011

Created by Kooch Daniels

Aries: Chills and thrills during this special time will take you for a ride toward new horizons and countless possibilities. Don’t forget to wear your amulet to ward off unexpected ghoulish encounters.

Taurus: Money making opportunities rebound bringing a greater sense of financial security. Use your creativity to design magical moments to inspire love and happiness.

Gemini: Avoid blood hungry vampires by wearing a garlic necklace that you can disguise with a fragrant scent. Forget about problems until forgiveness is pending.

Cancer: Even if domestic chores beckon a sense of responsibility, take time to play. Let your inner child join in cheery revelries to unbury an expansive vault of your potentials.

Leo: Smiling spooks may try to lure you with flirtatious enchantments. As the cool autumn winds blow, heart warming communications may tempt you to expose secret emotions.

Virgo: Goblins stir the cauldron of love to get you to think more deeply about the truth of your heart. Set aside quality time to reflect within and count your masked blessings.

Libra: Don’t be surprised if you hear love incantations filling the air. Luckily, the sweet murmurs of your ruling planet, Venus, bring harmony, friendly relations and fun times.

Scorpio: You can expect to meet fun loving spirits who want to spend quality time getting to know you. Your hot Halloween costume attracts friends and admirers.

Sagittarius: Get a grip on phantom robbers of your precious time and use your energy wisely. Skeletal visions of success become more apparent as you near results for your efforts.

Capricorn: Emotions heighten to heal unresolved matters that arise from crypts of repressed memories. Use your strength to banish annoying tricksters with your magical wand of focused determination.

Aquarius: Bones of contention can annoy you unless you commit to avoid spooks that haunt present perspectives. Show off your best side by dancing passionately with those you love.

Pisces: Let memories rest in peace. Use your vivid imagination to fill your cup of love with opportunities for sharing heartfelt communications. Take time to kiss and celebrate your life.