Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Trust Your Intuition


7:00 PM
Come expand your intuition and psychic capacities!

The Key to Wisdom 

Kooch Daniels

April 10

Psychic abilities can be developed when we learn to listen closely to the murmurings of our intuitive self. In this evening we will explore tools that can help us develop our psychic abilities and gain greater trust in our intuitive perceptions.
Kooch, a local author, works in the Bay Area as a professional intuitive. Her interest in esoteric traditions motivated her to study palmistry and tarot, and this work has inspired her to look deeply at how we use our intuition.
At Coffee Catz
Light food available until 7 pm.
6741 Sebastopol Ave 

You will find a home and a community in Women's School's Circles;
you will join a group of women changing the world for the better.

Upcoming Events   

April 17 - Women's Circle led by Marin Antonson-Bach
April 24 - Presentation by Vicchi Oleski 

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Transformative Zodiac Insights

If you enjoy astrology, you'll love

                       Sacred Wisdom Of The Planets

  Understanding The Seven Ancient Planets And Two Nodes Of The Moon

Illustrations By Master Sacred Artist, Pieter Weltevrede
Interpretive Text By Kooch N. Daniels

Some Benefits:

Planet interpretations are accompanied with relevant sacred art.

In depth, but easy to understand discussion of the seven ancient planets.
Explanations include both their worldly and spiritual significance.
Interpretations are significant to both Eastern and Western astrological traditions.

You can purchase through your favorite online e-book retailers       

more info:  www.cybermystic.com