Monday, December 21, 2009

Meditation Merits

      Doing any mediation, affirmation, or prayer  before you commence any work will quiet your mind, so that you'll be more receptive to subconscious impressions about helpful messages projected silently from deep within.    


Sunday, November 1, 2009

Dancing Spirits
Your Day of Dead Horro-scope by Kooch 
copywrite 2009

Aries:  Create an altar to celebrate the tree of death.  Let your chills turn to thrills to invoke energy to help you clear obstacles and reach your goals.  
Taurus:  Wake up your inner vampire and show that you're not afraid to bite into prospects for love.  Show others that you care.
Gemini:  Relax when facing grave issues.  Conjure up your optimism as things are not as ominous as they seem.
Cancer:  Own your power.  Be willing to wear a clown's red nose and prove that you're willing to have some fun.
Leo:  Take time to honor the dead and the living dead.  A séance lights a dark path to unknown possibilities for tombstone size success.  
Virgo:  Don't worry so much.  Fright in the dark can prove to be delight in the light.  Good fortune lingers around the corner.
Libra:  Your smile is the best remedy to heal frightening communications.   Lighting candles and candy can also be helpful.
Scorpio:  Visiting graveyards creates a special connection with life.  Ghouls need love too. 
Sagittarius:  Think positive.  Owning the strength of your inner pirate improves the quality of your life.  
Capricorn:  Exorcism heals the heart and inspires new understanding in how to confront the negative in life.  Invite a priest to dinner for good luck.
Aquarius:  Remember that if someone says "Eek, you're a freak", it's a compliment.   Don't bury your good spirits in a coffin of self-defense.
Pisces:  Don't sweat the small stuff unless you see a skull and cross bones marked on your front door.  Magical surprises await you.

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Thoughts about the Sensitive Spirit

  When asked to describe the sensitive spirit, some Facebook friends were willing to share their thoughts.  The imagery is so beautiful that I asked if I could post their words on my blog.  
  Here are their thoughts:
The sensitive spirit is:
......a gift to be embraced. (Valerie)
......"ghosts crowd[ing] the child's fragile eggshell mind". (Rachel) a small feather awaiting to emerge and float freely in the sunshine and afternoon                    breeze. (Pamela) arrow piercing through the veils of chaos. (Geri)
.....receiving everything. (Amy)
.....a glass house with no blinds. (Jaen)


Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Card for the constellation, Libra, Sept. 22-Oct 21:  Justice XI
"The scales of justice indicate that it's important to balance your emotions with your common sense and make decisions from a centered place within....."  from Tarot D'Amour by Daniels

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

The Beginning of Mystic Spirit Love Oracle Blogs


       When you do numerology, today's date equal's 2, the number of linked with the moon, mother, and the subconscious.  The date has 3 number 9's, number of the mystic, initiation, resolution, and transformation. Because of these numbers, it's an auspicious day, and to underscore the importance of this truth, today the moon is trine the sun (another auspicious sign from the heavens).   I’m going to start my blog today and test the auspiciousness of this date.