Saturday, February 16, 2013

Ace of Cups

My muse's inspiration:

Warm watery currents of tingling love flow from beyond the infinity of time to spill like mighty rivers over the brim of the Ace of Cups.  Aroused by the illuminating rays of love's longing, the Empress who is seated on the endearing throne of compassion, reaches for the wish-fulfilling cup to quench the heated thirst of her heart's desires.


Thursday, February 14, 2013

Your Love Horoscope

ORACLE OF LOVE     by Kooch N. Daniels
Copyright 2013
ARIES:  Open the door to having more fun in the present and recharge your willingness to reach for more kisses.  Cupid is waiting for you to turn up the heat of your charm and own your romantic confidence to make your dreams come true. Beneficial 4 u:  Pamper yourself by doing something extra special.
TAURUS:  A beneficial opportunity is right around the corner.  If you are willing to talk about your emotions, you just might find new insight into your emotional situation.  Don’t get lost in expectations, but wait to see what really can happen.  Beneficial 4 u:  Share your happy, heartfelt dreams.
GEMINI:  Even though you are known for insightful logical, your feelings have wisdom that shouldn’t be ignored. Listen with your heart before flirting with your eyes, and you will intuitively find your path to happy communications. Beneficial 4 u: Live life as a romantic optimist.
CANCER:  Surf the waves of your watery nature with trust in the outcome of your decisions. When possible, play in the sunshine to lighten serious concerns. You have the power to manifest what is most important for your success in life and love. Beneficial 4 u: During the new moon visualize your romantic success.
LEO:  Romping in sensual communications can make your big-hearted nature purr with delight.  Your optimism is your gift to dissolve difficult communications and win over doubts.  Adopt the attitude of being the winner of happiness. Beneficial 4 u:  Dwell on your contented emotions.
VIRGO:  Your earthy nature is the perfect environment for planting seeds of perpetual good fortune.  When you get stuck in over-analyzing emotions, reach for mood soothing music and connect with the pleasures of the moment. Beneficial 4 u:  Feel really good about who you have become.
LIBRA:   Love is a balance between give and take, closeness and distance with those we care most about.  Be flexible to life’s lessons that are not within your control and make the most of emotionally sensitive communications.  Beneficial 4 u:  Give and receive from the deep well of love inside your heart.
SCORPIO:   Being the “sensitive lover”, trust that you can turn the wheels of good fortune on your path of romance.  It’s never too late to make choices that enable you to take the high road to self-love and contentment.  Find reasons to laugh more. Beneficial 4 u:  Staying open-minded up to new options.
SAGITTARIUS:   Your ever-expansive search for self-knowledge combined with your loving approach to life weaves a beautiful tapestry of turned-on aliveness.  Make sure your dreams have a rock solid base so that you can soon see tangible results of your efforts.  Beneficial 4 u:  Live your life with gusto.
CAPRICORN:  Dancing naked in front of a mirror combined with positive affirmations of self-love can generate a sense of freedom from other’s perceptions.  When you worry about what other’s think, affirm that you are being the best YOU that you can be.   Beneficial 4 u:  Notice your successes more often.
AQUARIUS:  Reach for the stars, but keep your focus on what you can reach in the present moment.  Your loving approach to life is what brings peace to your world of romance.  Maybe it’s time to let go of what’s not serving you well.  Beneficial 4 u:  Jump in a hot tub or take a bubble bath.
PISCES:  Whatever your romantic situation, you carry the spirit of love within your heart.  Even if you don’t know what your future will bring, know that you have the heartfelt wisdom to make the right choices to create a beautiful existence.   Beneficial 4 u:  Cultivate trust in your intuition

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Lover's Tarot Valentine's Special

Tune-in to Nu-Life Radio’s Kosmic Koffee With Kooch who will be interviewing Thalassa who is
 founder of the Daughters of Divination, a tarot community formed to study the ”Oracular Universe”. In 1991, she started San Francisco BATS, (the oldest tarot conference) for novices and pros to mix, learn, and mingle.

Call in number: 347-637-3372 this Weds. @ 1 pm Cal time. 

 Valentine's Give Away: Kooch's book, Tarot D'Amour, Find Love In the Cards. 


Monday, February 4, 2013

Review For Polarity Wellness Tarot

Miriam Jacobs’s cards are mostly traditional in their symbolic associations but they also offer something completely unique, somatic associations in relation to Polarity Therapy. For tarot enthusiasts who enjoy learning about the body as well as the inner self, this new deck is a valuable tool to help you gain insight into your physical nature and gain access to methods for taking better care of yourself.

 Weaving a magical tapestry with threads of mind and body connections, Miriam’s fresh approach offers us an opportunity to learn about how the tarot can relate to our bodies. This is done primarily through a drawing of a human body that appears in the lower right hand corner on each card. It is color coded to show you your most significant chakra and where on your own body you need to be focusing your attention. In her guidebook, Miriam offers brief descriptions of meanings of each card. These include a discussion of the card’s key qualities, associated element, astrological connection, concise musings, anatomical correspondences, and a “practice”. Each short practice offers a suggestion to do something to connect you with your healing energy. For example, when writing about The Star card she suggests: “Close your eyes. Lift your head up high. Allow the glow of yourself to flow through you.”

 All Major Arcanas have a meditation type practice. Minors have a yoga type exercise based on Polarity Therapy exercises and Court cards have an artistic practice to try.

 Although I can find ways to work magic with her cards, I also found myself wishing that Miriam’s guidebook would include more in-depth explanations of how to do Polarity work. However, she's told me that she's working on a book to offer more information and that she intends to do hands-on classes. Also, she does offer her website address for more information on Polarity Therapy bodywork and how she includes working with the Tarot: