Sunday, February 13, 2011

Valentine Love Oracle


By Kooch Daniels

copyrite 2011

Aries Whether untried romance or tested and true, your attitude can help love’s potential sizzle or frizzle. Keep your powerful Emperor energy humble and emotional communications light hearted, especially around the 14th when Cupid plays his ballad of love. Beneficial 4 u : Turning on your fiery charm.

Taurus Taking a bullish stance slows the healing power of love. Be flexible to give and take communications when fires of desire invoke your emotions. Meditate on the High Priest and call on your Higher Self to help you make important decisions about your future. Beneficial 4 u : Doing a ritual to invite Eros (god of love) into your bedroom.

Gemini What is your strongest heartfelt desire? Turn off anxiety stopping red lights, think optimistically and experiment with new paths that promote self-discovery. The Lover’s journey takes both high and low roads, so get some comfortable walking shoes. Beneficial 4 u : Inviting others to share your secret stash of chocolate.

Cancer Nurturing friends and family may be your passion, but don’t forget to turn the key that opens the door to your own happiness. Trust divine reason to bring you what you need at the perfect moment. Use your wisdom to protect sensitive emotions and focus on celebrating your life. Beneficial 4 u : Visualizing success in love on the full moon.

Leo Make stronger ties with those who make you happy, and spend time doing what makes you purr loudly on the inside. Think about what it means for Leo to be “royalty” among the stars, and let creative passions distract you from worrying about love. What can you do to open your heart more? Beneficial 4 u : Being real with your emotions.

Virgo Logic doesn’t always know the answer to questions of the heart. Feel or listen to the voice of loves that lives deep inside you, and stay grounded in the wisdom of your truth. You’ll feel better and make the right choices concerning your emotional life. Beneficial 4 u : Believing in the power of love.

Libra With Saturn, linked with life’s lessons sitting in your sign, your emotions may be tested. Focus on your blessings to help you keep your sense of equilibrium. If your scale of balance goes tilt, remind yourself that you are blessed by Venus (ruler of your sign) and can maintain positive relations. Beneficial 4 u : Reading romantic novels with happy endings.

Scorpio Transformation of emotions cannot be forced. Seeds of change are planted when the fertile soil of your inner spirit is ignited with the spontaneous dawning of new understanding. What is a better time than now to do a ritual, prayer, or affirmation for love’s success? Beneficial 4 u : Counting your blessings.

Sagittarius Love’s happiness is within your reach. If you can’t find it, make yourself a soothing love potion using angel wings, smiling eyes, and a flirtatious smile. (Remedy found in a witch’s black book.) Pass on self-criticism and delight in the joy of your uniqueness. Beneficial 4 u : Having faith in love’s unfolding fortune.

Capricorn Exchange your lunch break for a romantic romp with the one who’s right for you. If this isn’t appropriate, take time to listen to the underlying message of your secret fantasies until you feel inspired to live your positive passions. Dreams can be fulflilled. Beneficial 4 u : Buying play clothes for the bedroom.

Aquarius If you’re single, computer dating programs can help you find a match. Look at profiles, photos, and use your intuition to find who to upload into your life. If you’re already happily in love, turn off the tele or your computer and prove it by taking a trip to the temple of love. Beneficial 4 u : Letting your smile go more public.

Pisces As new seeds of your emotional growth sprout, nurture the garden of your life’s destiny with trust in your choices. Be sensitive to other’s feelings so you can fan the flames of appreciation for one another. Look at your dream symbols for clues to understanding what lies beneath the surface. Beneficial 4 u : Writing a love poem.

Saturday, February 5, 2011


When you're feeling unhappy for any reason, you can use meditation to awaken your courage, strength, and positivity. Instead of getting lost dwelling on negative concerns, use visualization to sweep them out of your consciousness. Such a visualization can be a thought form in which you see yourself sweeping away stressful thoughts as you would sweep away dirt from your carpet, and replacing your anxiety with a beneficial focus such as affirming your well-being or recalling a happy memory. If the latter, try to picture it as vividly as you can. Also, you can recite words that align you with a sense of confidence and affirm your personal power to find fulfillment. An example of such an affirmation is : "I am releasing my fears and focusing on my faith in my life's positive direction."