Monday, August 23, 2010

Full Moon Tarot Oracle of Love by Kooch copyright 2010

Astrological correspondence from Aliester Crowley

Aries Your card: The Emperor

Summer time turns up passion’s warmth and keeps emotional boundaries rock-n and a-rollin. Use your ram’s horn to poke through life challenges and enjoy the moment. Beneficial 4 u: Avoiding hot headed discussions on your way to finding harmony.

Taurus Your card: The Hierophant

Being steadfast and true in your romantic pursuits can prove to have interesting results. Your Venus ruled nature turns its focus on friends, family, loving situations. Beneficial 4 u: Getting in touch with your inner romantic.

Gemini Your card: The Lovers

Communications need to be grounded in clarity to keep your Mercurial nature in balance. Let “the twins” of your perception focus on surfing the ocean of emotions with trust in what tomorrow brings. Beneficial 4 u: Living with gusto and wonder.

Cancer Your card: The Chariot

Look before you leap into uncertainty to enable your watery nature to flow with a stronger sense of security. Let your feelings guide you to harmony and a happy heart. Beneficial 4 u: Getting to the beach and tanning your inner spirit.

Leo Your card: Lust/The Sun

Purr-purr, play, purr-purr, play, and repeat. Times call for your inner spirit to ignite the fires of passion, creativity, and enjoyment.

Beneficial 4 u: Being a party planner.

Virgo Your card: The Hermit

Take time out from money-making routines and find a way to celebrate summer fun. Think of all the reasons why you are the perfect example of the spirit of love. Beneficial 4 u: Communing with nature.

Libra Your card: Adjustment/Justice

Dive, don’t walk, into the pool of deep communications. Taking time for yourself recharges your energy so you have more focus to move toward your fulfillment.

Beneficial 4 u: Igniting your inner trust.

Scorpio Your card: Death/Rebirth

Open your third eye to find the right answers to your questions about love, emotions, and fulfillment. Be willing to walk your talk about love, and get busy having the best time of your life.

Beneficial 4 u: Kissing more slowly.

Sagittarius Your card: Art/Temperance

Use your favorite oracle to divine your highest path to creating or re-creating the love life you desire. Ideals need to be grounded in practical, obtainable pursuits.

Beneficial 4 u: Applying the salve of positive psychology.

Capricorn Your card: The Devil/Pan

With Saturn, Capricorn’s ruler moving into the sign of Libra, it’s a good time to dive into the playground of emotional opportunity. Use your strength to surf the waves of love’s ambiguities.

Beneficial 4 u: Nurturing your own personal growth.

Aquarius Your card: The Star

Detach from the demands of your inner love child and channel passions into creative projects and good times. Answer enigmatic questions about your future by looking into the crystal ball of your present intentions.

Beneficial 4 u: Befriending your inner optimist.

Pisces Your card: The Moon

Swimming in the watery world of emotions can be tricky so don’t try so hard to have all the right answers. Today’s reflections bring tomorrow’s insights concerning your highest path to happiness.

Beneficial 4 u: Giving yourself more appreciation.