Sunday, April 5, 2020

Review for Mystic Spirit Tarot Playbook

HEADLINE: Kooch Daniels could no more write a bad Tarot book than Rumi would have been capable of writing a bad line of prose.

Tarot is not like most disciplines. It’s not something one can study from a couple of books or through the little white instruction manuals that are packed with every deck. There needs to be a personality involved — a teacher and student relationship akin to what you would find in a martial art. A gentle-but-firm voice to prod you along and, when the teacher can teach no more, help you awaken to your path — one where you will carry on your teacher’s lineage and contribute what you have discovered along the way.

Part of this process requires keeping a journal or notebook. Such practices are a cornerstone of the Western Mystery Traditions, of which Tarot plays a significant role. This record-keeping system is designed to serve as a “logbook” for your Tarot journey, as well as a way of incorporating the teacher’s lessons into practice — thus forming a unique interpretation of the cards and how they relate to each other.

So how does a teacher make this happen by distance and, in most cases, without knowing the student personally? Well, Kooch Daniels has found a way.

Kooch’s latest creation, Mystic Spirit Tarot Playbook, is a well-illustrated how-to guide and magickal record for Tarot readers of all levels of experience. By following through the text and illustrations, as well as note-taking on the feelings and impressions of the cards, the student can formulate a starting point far more focused and personal than what they would get from just reading one of the countless books on Tarot interpretations. Kooch is then able to help the reader — her student — reach into their soul for answers to be found in the cards. Indeed an ingenious system she has devised.

The book is appropriately published in hardcover. Highly recommended — a must-have for any serious Tarot initiate.