Sunday, November 1, 2009

Dancing Spirits
Your Day of Dead Horro-scope by Kooch 
copywrite 2009

Aries:  Create an altar to celebrate the tree of death.  Let your chills turn to thrills to invoke energy to help you clear obstacles and reach your goals.  
Taurus:  Wake up your inner vampire and show that you're not afraid to bite into prospects for love.  Show others that you care.
Gemini:  Relax when facing grave issues.  Conjure up your optimism as things are not as ominous as they seem.
Cancer:  Own your power.  Be willing to wear a clown's red nose and prove that you're willing to have some fun.
Leo:  Take time to honor the dead and the living dead.  A séance lights a dark path to unknown possibilities for tombstone size success.  
Virgo:  Don't worry so much.  Fright in the dark can prove to be delight in the light.  Good fortune lingers around the corner.
Libra:  Your smile is the best remedy to heal frightening communications.   Lighting candles and candy can also be helpful.
Scorpio:  Visiting graveyards creates a special connection with life.  Ghouls need love too. 
Sagittarius:  Think positive.  Owning the strength of your inner pirate improves the quality of your life.  
Capricorn:  Exorcism heals the heart and inspires new understanding in how to confront the negative in life.  Invite a priest to dinner for good luck.
Aquarius:  Remember that if someone says "Eek, you're a freak", it's a compliment.   Don't bury your good spirits in a coffin of self-defense.
Pisces:  Don't sweat the small stuff unless you see a skull and cross bones marked on your front door.  Magical surprises await you.