Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Happy Springtime Wishes

The rebirth of the seasons brings heightened understanding of our own evolving life. In spite of disturbing global occurrences, nature's wheel turns in rhythmic perfection.

Many of us are asking questions about what we can do to help our planet. Although many changes are outside our influence, we can look at how we bring happiness to our own corner of the world. How can we create beauty and sweeten life? We're all in this classroom of life with different lessons, so don't worry about being perfect. Be aware of living fully in each precious moment and don't linger with life depleting forces. Even without a map, you are following the sacred path of your highest purpose.

Monday, April 4, 2011

The Art And Magic Of Palmistry

The spring has sprung and I've completed my new book entitled, “The Art and Magic of Palmistry—A Guide To Learning To Read The Hand.” The book is 6” x 9” in size, 108 pages packed full of easy-to-learn techniques that will make you a palm reading genius in no time.

This "hands on" book provides techniques to help you gain a practical foundation of palm reading skills. Within its pages you’ll find essential guidelines for examining various shapes, sizes and markings in the palm. As you put this information into practice, you will be on a path proven to increase your hand analysis skills.

To read more about this book and to order, please go to www.cybermystic.com