Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Review of Sustain Yourself

Cards and Handbook to Live Well and Live Long by James Wanless

Review By Kooch Daniels

Sustain Yourself Cards and Handbook to Live Well and Live Long showcases James Wanless as a uniquely talented master of his craft. Although his deck challenges historical tarot traditions, it is a card game and oracle of equal merit. The beautiful imagery on the 101 cards (each connected with an eco-principle) encourages our potential to go in positive directions.
Besides providing valuable information about Mother Earth, natural activism, and the going green “eco-spiritual path”, this deck and handbook is a potent source of inspiration. Its goal is to connect us deeply with life, and as James states: “a means to stay healthy, be happy, grow wise, have sufficient material wealth, be creative, adaptable and resilient, preserve the earth….”

On a more personal note, this deck uses language that has made me grow. For instance, when a client drew the card titled “Redwood Tree-Apotheosis” I wanted to crawl under my tarot table, find a dictionary, and look up the word apotheosis. Luckily, my client didn’t seem to notice that I had become speechless, as she was so excited. Redwood trees happened to be her favorite tree and this card proved to her that she was making the right decisions. But for me, this was one more example of the power of synchronicity that weaves its invisible magic whenever I do readings with these delightful cards.