Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Drinking From The Cup Of Love

By Kooch Daniels 

              A tarot student once asked, “What does it mean if the majority of the cards in my tarot spread are from the suit of cups?”  
              “It’s important to drink from the cup of love,” was my reply.
          A different answer to this question involved exploring the meaning of the specific cards in the layout.  However, this question could also be answered by examining the significance of the meaning of the suit of cups. What is this tarot suit communicating to us?
The suit of cups most often involves love, passion, and relationships. It is identified with the element water, the emotions, depth of feelings, receptivity, imagination, and the intuition.  When there is a predominance of the suit of cups in a tarot spread, its message involves a watery or emotional essence.  It visually shows the importance of discussing the querant’s emotional needs and puts heart-felt desires in the limelight.  Even if the topic of romance isn’t the main question being asked, the person receiving the reading may need to get more in touch with their feelings and the truth of what’s affecting their inner reality.
             A majority of the suit of cups in a spread can indicate that life experiences are triggering emotional reactions. If the cards are mostly upright with positive images, I might ask the querant if he or she is falling in love or seeking advice about an on-going relationship.  When most of the cup cards in the spread are reversed, I may ask whether a relationship is in conflict or if there is tension invoked by a past relationship.  Is the person who is getting the reading suffering from the pain of loss or quarrelling with a significant other?
During the discussion of the potential meaning of these cards, it will become obvious if the person is anxious or secure, a victim or victor in love, and how I can best nourish my querant’s sense of emotional well-being. While using the spread to explore the path of the inner self, it may become possible to dive into the sea of the subconscious mind and find truths buried under the surface of conscious awareness.  My key to unlocking the message of this suit is inwardly questioning, “What are you presently drinking from the cup of love?”