Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Happy Autumn

On September 22, the Sun entered Libra, sign of the balance, and the season officially turned to autumn.  It's a reminder that days are getting shorter, our nights longer, and that we better take the opportunity to play outdoors before the chills of winter are upon us. The Moon is waxing in its last quarter, and this coming Saturday, the 29th, our full "Harvest Moon" rises in celebration of life's cornucopia.


I am balancing my energy in ways to promote 
healthy living and great joy.

New Book

My e-book The Sacred Wisdom of The Planets has beautiful, mystical planetary art by Dutch artist, Pieter Weltevrede.  It is now available on-line with your favorite e-book retailer.

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Pluto's Now Direct

Turning tides...Pluto went direct today. Time to set your sails to go with the wind of your fiery passions

Judgment card:  consciously moving toward one-ness with awareness to waken your silly heart into esctacy!!!  Love who you are and happiness will follow. 

Numerology:  18
One plus eight equal 9...Solutions/resolutions ring in the new.  Today's the jumping off point for new beginnings.  Get busy having fun!