Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Business of Tarot Telesummit

I'll be giving a talk for the Business of Tarot Telesummit on March 5th

for more info and to register:

Time Zone Conversion: (PST -1 hour, CST +1 hour, EST +2 hours)
Wednesday March 5th
12 p.m. MST – Heather - How to Make Your Business the Best You Can Be
2 p.m. MST – Kooch - Building Your Confidence, Building Your Practice
Thursday March 6th
12 p.m. MST – Dax - Social Media for Professional Readers
2 p.m. MST – Janet - Writing and Pitching a Tarot Proposal
Friday March 7th
12 p.m. MST – Machelle - Developing and Trusting Your Intuition
2 p.m. MST – Laura - Wearing Multiple Hats in Your Reading
Saturday March 8th
12 p.m. MST – Mary – Media (or the art of the interview and how to make it work for you.)
2 p.m. MST – Dax - New Technology for Professional Readers
Sunday March 9th
12 p.m. MST – Sherry - How to Host Your Own Radio Show or Video Show
Monday March 10th
12 p.m. MST – Rachel - How to Market Your Biz on the Internet
2 p.m. MST – Machelle - How to Set Up a Table at a Reading Event
Tuesday March 11th
12 p.m. MST – Heather - Tarot: The Art of Storytelling
2 p.m. MST – Janet – How to Write a Great Tarot Review
Wednesday March 12th
12 p.m. MST – Mary - Phone Readings for Professional Readers
2 p.m. MST – Laura - How to Deal with Reading Dependency

Telesummit is presented by Heather Woodward

Thursday, February 13, 2014

Valentine Love Oracle

Created by Kooch Daniels                                                 (Copyright 2014)

Aries – The Ram

Hold love in your heart and the flowers of your passion will grow greater joy and happiness.  Be gentle tending your inner fire and don’t let flames of worries be stronger than your faith in tomorrow’s fortune.  New opportunities are on the horizon.

Taurus – The Bull

Look for real estate in the land of love.  Stay strong and joy ride the bull of your deepest feelings with a positive perspective. Venus, your ruling planet, is linked with the goddess of love, and you naturally inherit her character to enjoy the good life.

Gemini – The Twins
Dance the spirited salsa of love and believe in your power to fulfill your romantic dreams.  Take time to drink from love’s cup of pleasure and share hugs of affections with those you hold close.  Your Sun sign’s ruler Mercury, linked with communication, being retrograde indicates the importance of talking with clarity.

Cancer – The Crab
You’re going to have more fun, as the waxing moon turns foolish, I mean full.  Don’t worry about seeing what’s coming in your future.  Pay attention to the honesty of your heart’s desire, and whatever direction you go, will bring happy times.

Leo --The Lion 
Making love all day is a purrrrfect thought for your fiery solar nature, even if this means spending your time playing with your cats.  After all your emotional searching, remember to be kind to yourself this is the week of the high holy day of love. Life’s enjoyment is within reach.

Virgo – The Virgin
Sharing the love of your soul creates a bliss vibration.  Instead of looking for answers to where your love life is going, take a moment to smile and celebrate the moment.  Give tender hugs to all of those who love you, even if emotional issues ebb and flow like the swells in the sea.

Libra – The Balance
Make a commitment to live with the loving spirit of happiness.  Don’t doubt yourself or your relationships.  Love and compatibility is a chemically electric connection that you can’t force or deny.  Intuit how you can best use your creative intelligence, connect with a deeper sense of self, and you’ll surely be on your path to success.

Scorpio – The Scorpion
Get a massage or if you can’t make the time, fill your bathtub with bubbles of sweet scented water and light a candle or two.  Surround yourself with the light of love and focus on self-pampering before focusing on Valentine fun or not so fun!  Underlying emotions and faith are your foundation for finding a sacred path to opening your heart.

Sagittarius – The Archer
Being out and about with friends sets a harmonious mood, so override your introverted side, and go out for an evening of fun.  Emotions grounded in gratitude free the inner spirit from petty annoyances.  Deep love lives in your generous heart with or without a box of chocolates to fulfill expectations.

Capricorn – The Mountain Goat
Saturn your ruler, loves ethical love and long term commitments of the soul that enable you to grow toward a ripe maturity.  Clarity is the path to see the truth of the heart.   Smile as new social opportunities may come when you smile and face the arrow of Cupid’s bow.

Aquarius – The Water Bearer
During this special time for romance, give yourself permission to expand your confidence boundaries and reach over false barriers to pick the fruit of your desires.  If you aren’t sure if this advice is right for you, make stress free choices and act accordingly to your inner guide for right decision making. (Love is the key!)

Pisces – The Fish

Take the worry out of love.  Find your sanctuary where you can meditate on the ultimate path to create opportunities for getting what you want.  Your enjoyment of life is an unwrapped gift that can make others smile in every moment called now.   Make your day as special as you are.  Believe in the voice of your intuition.

Horoscopes are for your entertainment.  Hope you like yours!

Friday, February 7, 2014

A Valentine Special On Kosmic Koffee

Hope you can tune in to our super Valentine, compatibility, get naked show!!! We'll be answering questions about love in relation to the power of numbers. Dax Carlisle, president of the Tarot Guild and founder of Rainbow Psychics will be sharing his insights this Weds., Feb. 12 @ 1 pm Pac time on Kosmic Koffee With Kooch. Call if you'd like us to talk about birth numbers or if you have LOVE questions. Tune-in on-line via Blogtalk Radio or call 347-637-3372.

Review of The Soul's Journey

        Inspirational and mystically insightful, The Soul’s Journey, Finding, Spiritual Messages in the Tarot by James Ricklef is rich in content and healing for the heart.  With a collection of over 300 eclectic spiritual messages, his passages lead us to look at the brighter side of life and offer a valuable means to overcome whatever trials we may be facing.   When I first opened his book I was instantly rewarded with a message that guided me to heal my heart with a practical suggestion to solve a question I had.  I was instantly hooked on James' book and knew that I wanted to keep it near me as a close companion.   With further reading it became obvious that he had made “An offering of love with no strings attached” by giving the reader a means to “transform our emotional connections” into a “Higher” calling. Maybe it’s his intermittent comments throughout his card discussions such as, “follow your bliss” and “leave behind emotional distress” and “create a beautiful life” and “finding sacred passion” that have made me fall in love with his book.
        A true wordsmith, James has created tarot interpretations that help build a strong foundation for understanding the significance of all the cards.  His spreads are suitable for beginners or advanced readers.  Although he calls them “Spreads For Spiritual Readings”, my sense is that his spreads help with any kind of problems, and that anyone who wants greater awareness will find useful messages when using them.  Truthfully, you don’t even need to practice the tarot to get great advice from his book. James claims that “The Tarot is one particular tool to help us hear the voice of the Divine,” and I agree, but I also believe that James’ book provides a positive channel to help us listen.