Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Review of Sustain Yourself

Cards and Handbook to Live Well and Live Long by James Wanless

Review By Kooch Daniels

Sustain Yourself Cards and Handbook to Live Well and Live Long showcases James Wanless as a uniquely talented master of his craft. Although his deck challenges historical tarot traditions, it is a card game and oracle of equal merit. The beautiful imagery on the 101 cards (each connected with an eco-principle) encourages our potential to go in positive directions.
Besides providing valuable information about Mother Earth, natural activism, and the going green “eco-spiritual path”, this deck and handbook is a potent source of inspiration. Its goal is to connect us deeply with life, and as James states: “a means to stay healthy, be happy, grow wise, have sufficient material wealth, be creative, adaptable and resilient, preserve the earth….”

On a more personal note, this deck uses language that has made me grow. For instance, when a client drew the card titled “Redwood Tree-Apotheosis” I wanted to crawl under my tarot table, find a dictionary, and look up the word apotheosis. Luckily, my client didn’t seem to notice that I had become speechless, as she was so excited. Redwood trees happened to be her favorite tree and this card proved to her that she was making the right decisions. But for me, this was one more example of the power of synchronicity that weaves its invisible magic whenever I do readings with these delightful cards.

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Your Day of Dead Horro-scope

Copyright 2011

Created by Kooch Daniels

Aries: Chills and thrills during this special time will take you for a ride toward new horizons and countless possibilities. Don’t forget to wear your amulet to ward off unexpected ghoulish encounters.

Taurus: Money making opportunities rebound bringing a greater sense of financial security. Use your creativity to design magical moments to inspire love and happiness.

Gemini: Avoid blood hungry vampires by wearing a garlic necklace that you can disguise with a fragrant scent. Forget about problems until forgiveness is pending.

Cancer: Even if domestic chores beckon a sense of responsibility, take time to play. Let your inner child join in cheery revelries to unbury an expansive vault of your potentials.

Leo: Smiling spooks may try to lure you with flirtatious enchantments. As the cool autumn winds blow, heart warming communications may tempt you to expose secret emotions.

Virgo: Goblins stir the cauldron of love to get you to think more deeply about the truth of your heart. Set aside quality time to reflect within and count your masked blessings.

Libra: Don’t be surprised if you hear love incantations filling the air. Luckily, the sweet murmurs of your ruling planet, Venus, bring harmony, friendly relations and fun times.

Scorpio: You can expect to meet fun loving spirits who want to spend quality time getting to know you. Your hot Halloween costume attracts friends and admirers.

Sagittarius: Get a grip on phantom robbers of your precious time and use your energy wisely. Skeletal visions of success become more apparent as you near results for your efforts.

Capricorn: Emotions heighten to heal unresolved matters that arise from crypts of repressed memories. Use your strength to banish annoying tricksters with your magical wand of focused determination.

Aquarius: Bones of contention can annoy you unless you commit to avoid spooks that haunt present perspectives. Show off your best side by dancing passionately with those you love.

Pisces: Let memories rest in peace. Use your vivid imagination to fill your cup of love with opportunities for sharing heartfelt communications. Take time to kiss and celebrate your life.

Friday, August 26, 2011

Palmistry Talk in San Francisco

I'm presenting a palmistry workshop at San Francisco BATS. It's called Palmistry For Tarot Addicts. I hope to see you there. Also, you can look for some BATS news here next week.
Hugs, Kooch

Thursday, August 11, 2011

On my website is a game called "Chakra Magic". It's played by asking a short question, and then .... You land on a page with an illustration (with astro and tarot symbols) that gives you information about your most active chakra.
I posted the following tarot idea on FB and got so much fantastic response that I thought I'd include it here also: Let's each pull a tarot card for the moment and create an esoteric story of our shared reality. 3 of Cups is my pick. What's yours?

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Guest : Victor Daniels Writes On Meditation


One value of meditation lies in developing your resources for coping with crises. Matrix meditations emphasizes the role that mind-body connections can play in such coping. That's the item that we address here today.

Almost everyone in any kind of emotional crisis goes into a state of tension and stress. These events then become part of the crisis, making everything else worse and interfering with your ability to cope. Becoming physically less tense and increasing your physical centeredness can often reduce your level of emotional distress and help you cope with emotional crisis situations.

An old formula that you've surely run across for handling situations when you're angry but don't want to blow your top is to count from one to ten before saying or doing anything. There are two more elements you can add to this counting to make it more effective. And they can make it effective for handling not just anger, but other kinds of emotional distress too--especially when you're out in the world and something happens that triggers an emotional reaction so intense that you feel like you just can't hold it together and are about to go into a meltdown.

The two elements are: (1) pairing your breathing with your counting; and (2) explicitly noticing the physical tension in your body and letting go of a little of it with each breath. Here's how it works. When you realize that you're freaking out emotionally and want to punch someone, insult someone, scream, crumple into a little pile in your chair or on the floor, or go into any other response that makes you unable to hold yourself together in the situation you're in, do this: Count slowly from one to ten, counting one number on each inhalation. As you count "one," notice any physical tension that you feel anywhere in your body. Then as you exhale, let go of that tension as completely as you can. Then as you count "two" as you inhale, again notice whatever tension you feel, since you'll probably have released only a little bit of your tension during the first breath. As you exhale, just focus on letting go of more of your tension, or the tension in a different part of your body than you released with your first breath. Then count "three" as you inhale, again tuning in to find where you feel tense, and once again focus completely on letting go of that tension as you exhale. Continue in the same way until you have counted to ten. (If the situation permits it and you wish to, you may close your eyes as you do this and visualize each number as you inhale. Or if you prefer, keep your eyes open during the whole process.

After you have counted to ten, take one "empty breath" in which you do not count but just scan for remaining tension in your body. Then count from one to ten again, just as you did above, but add one more element. As you inhale and silently say each number, besides noticing tension in your body, also notice whatever words or phrases you're saying to yourself inside your mind and whatever emotional reactions are related to them. Then as you exhale, release not only any remaining physical tension you've noticed, but also let go, as best you can, of the words and associated feelings that you noticed, so that each exhalation becomes a movement not only toward physical relaxation, but also a mind less cluttered with what you were saying to yourself, and toward emotional calmness.

Those two cycles of counting to ten while attending to your breathing may be enough to bring your to a much quieter, less distressed state. But if you're still agitated, you can count to ten one more time. During this third cycle of counting, as you count each number during your inhalation, you can be attentive not only to any remaining places where you're tightening and tensing your body, and to whatever you're telling yourself, but also explicitly notice whatever emotional reactions you are having that are not exactly the same as your physical tension or your self-talk. Then let some of that emotional response flow out and drift away on your exhalation--breath it out and feel greater calmness come in to take its place. Do this with each number as you count to ten for the third time.

When you've finished, you will probably find that you're capable of functioning in whatever situation you're in and of handling it "well enough" to get through it and avoid making things any worse for you or any other person or people you're with. If someone says, "Are you OK?" or "Why aren't you talking?" while you go through the sequence described above, even if you're in a situation like a party or at the office, you can say something like, "I need to take just a few quiet minutes by myself to relax and center myself."

You'll probably find it useful to practice this when you're by yourself, and not under stress, as a "mini-meditation." After you've done so a number of times, it will easier for you to go into using the method to handle challenging situations in your everyday life.

(The method describe above is a minor variation of the "Emergency Meditation" described in Cell Ten--"Stress: Holding Tight versus Letting Go" in the book Matrix Meditations: A 16-Week Program for Developing the Mind-Heart Connection. To learn more about the book and read sample chapters, see <http://www.matrixmeditations.com>

Full Moon In Sagittarius


June 15, 2011

Full moon in Sagittarius brings subtle emotional undercurrents to the surface. Because Sagittarius is linked with Jupiter, the guru, expansion, optimism, education, and ambition, this full moon illumines the path to the good in life. Hold tight to your positive intentions. Don’t get discouraged by frustrations or let temporary obstacles block the doorway to your happiness. It is an especially good time to meditate, chant, sing, make love, think positively.

Friday, May 13, 2011


I'm looking for you in my crystal ball. Yes...you! I recognize you by the colors in your aura.

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Happy Springtime Wishes

The rebirth of the seasons brings heightened understanding of our own evolving life. In spite of disturbing global occurrences, nature's wheel turns in rhythmic perfection.

Many of us are asking questions about what we can do to help our planet. Although many changes are outside our influence, we can look at how we bring happiness to our own corner of the world. How can we create beauty and sweeten life? We're all in this classroom of life with different lessons, so don't worry about being perfect. Be aware of living fully in each precious moment and don't linger with life depleting forces. Even without a map, you are following the sacred path of your highest purpose.

Monday, April 4, 2011

The Art And Magic Of Palmistry

The spring has sprung and I've completed my new book entitled, “The Art and Magic of Palmistry—A Guide To Learning To Read The Hand.” The book is 6” x 9” in size, 108 pages packed full of easy-to-learn techniques that will make you a palm reading genius in no time.

This "hands on" book provides techniques to help you gain a practical foundation of palm reading skills. Within its pages you’ll find essential guidelines for examining various shapes, sizes and markings in the palm. As you put this information into practice, you will be on a path proven to increase your hand analysis skills.

To read more about this book and to order, please go to www.cybermystic.com

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Valentine Love Oracle


By Kooch Daniels

copyrite 2011

Aries Whether untried romance or tested and true, your attitude can help love’s potential sizzle or frizzle. Keep your powerful Emperor energy humble and emotional communications light hearted, especially around the 14th when Cupid plays his ballad of love. Beneficial 4 u : Turning on your fiery charm.

Taurus Taking a bullish stance slows the healing power of love. Be flexible to give and take communications when fires of desire invoke your emotions. Meditate on the High Priest and call on your Higher Self to help you make important decisions about your future. Beneficial 4 u : Doing a ritual to invite Eros (god of love) into your bedroom.

Gemini What is your strongest heartfelt desire? Turn off anxiety stopping red lights, think optimistically and experiment with new paths that promote self-discovery. The Lover’s journey takes both high and low roads, so get some comfortable walking shoes. Beneficial 4 u : Inviting others to share your secret stash of chocolate.

Cancer Nurturing friends and family may be your passion, but don’t forget to turn the key that opens the door to your own happiness. Trust divine reason to bring you what you need at the perfect moment. Use your wisdom to protect sensitive emotions and focus on celebrating your life. Beneficial 4 u : Visualizing success in love on the full moon.

Leo Make stronger ties with those who make you happy, and spend time doing what makes you purr loudly on the inside. Think about what it means for Leo to be “royalty” among the stars, and let creative passions distract you from worrying about love. What can you do to open your heart more? Beneficial 4 u : Being real with your emotions.

Virgo Logic doesn’t always know the answer to questions of the heart. Feel or listen to the voice of loves that lives deep inside you, and stay grounded in the wisdom of your truth. You’ll feel better and make the right choices concerning your emotional life. Beneficial 4 u : Believing in the power of love.

Libra With Saturn, linked with life’s lessons sitting in your sign, your emotions may be tested. Focus on your blessings to help you keep your sense of equilibrium. If your scale of balance goes tilt, remind yourself that you are blessed by Venus (ruler of your sign) and can maintain positive relations. Beneficial 4 u : Reading romantic novels with happy endings.

Scorpio Transformation of emotions cannot be forced. Seeds of change are planted when the fertile soil of your inner spirit is ignited with the spontaneous dawning of new understanding. What is a better time than now to do a ritual, prayer, or affirmation for love’s success? Beneficial 4 u : Counting your blessings.

Sagittarius Love’s happiness is within your reach. If you can’t find it, make yourself a soothing love potion using angel wings, smiling eyes, and a flirtatious smile. (Remedy found in a witch’s black book.) Pass on self-criticism and delight in the joy of your uniqueness. Beneficial 4 u : Having faith in love’s unfolding fortune.

Capricorn Exchange your lunch break for a romantic romp with the one who’s right for you. If this isn’t appropriate, take time to listen to the underlying message of your secret fantasies until you feel inspired to live your positive passions. Dreams can be fulflilled. Beneficial 4 u : Buying play clothes for the bedroom.

Aquarius If you’re single, computer dating programs can help you find a match. Look at profiles, photos, and use your intuition to find who to upload into your life. If you’re already happily in love, turn off the tele or your computer and prove it by taking a trip to the temple of love. Beneficial 4 u : Letting your smile go more public.

Pisces As new seeds of your emotional growth sprout, nurture the garden of your life’s destiny with trust in your choices. Be sensitive to other’s feelings so you can fan the flames of appreciation for one another. Look at your dream symbols for clues to understanding what lies beneath the surface. Beneficial 4 u : Writing a love poem.

Saturday, February 5, 2011


When you're feeling unhappy for any reason, you can use meditation to awaken your courage, strength, and positivity. Instead of getting lost dwelling on negative concerns, use visualization to sweep them out of your consciousness. Such a visualization can be a thought form in which you see yourself sweeping away stressful thoughts as you would sweep away dirt from your carpet, and replacing your anxiety with a beneficial focus such as affirming your well-being or recalling a happy memory. If the latter, try to picture it as vividly as you can. Also, you can recite words that align you with a sense of confidence and affirm your personal power to find fulfillment. An example of such an affirmation is : "I am releasing my fears and focusing on my faith in my life's positive direction."