Tuesday, March 3, 2020

On the road again..

Just came back from presenting a Tarot workshop in La Paz, Baja Mexico.  I was blown away as I made it to our workshop environment.  Victor and I were presenting at a conference center that was way too beautiful to imagine.  OK...I can do this...No problem for a seasoned Tarot workshop presenter to go to work at a 5 stars grand hotel.  After all, I'm looking out at the Sea of Cortez and watching whales jumping in the waves.  My optimism surfaced as the sun warmed my winter ready bones.
   Oh...what ????  Did I forget to look at the calendar to note that I was arriving dark of the Moon, Mercury Retrograde?  Clinging to my trust in the goodness of my intentions to offer a candle flame of light, I forged ahead.  Of course, my muses winked their knowing glance before they fled from view.
    My class went well in rhythm with the ocean swells.  Everyone was sooooo happy....but for one dear heart.  She and I were like two ships going in opposite directions calling out to spirits from watery realms of shadows and insecurities. 
     How could I be so insensitive?  I didn't read her pain when I spoke of her earnest comment as an example of how to create problems when giving a reading.  Her bold spirit let me know that I was inept at understanding her or speaking her language.  She wanted me to know that I was failing at relating to her culture, that I sucked at understanding the issues of her lesbian identity.  (But in my self defense...I'm open to gay lifestyles.  Living in San Francisco bay area, one out of two readings I give are for people who are gay.). However.... Nothing I said was OK in her book of knowledge.
    Such a plight that I'm sharing with you, my invisible audience.  How do I know if I'm being judged as being right or wrong?  You weren't there to witness the tension in the air, or the problem of addressing potential problems that jump innocently into interactive dialogue. 
    I guess...I'm letting you hear a story of how shadows can dance on our soul in ways that we can't predict. We can only give our best, be who we are, and strive for a successful outcome.  Learning comes in many shades of black and white.
    Wish me luck....I'm on my way to give another Tarot workshop. 

Saturday, July 6, 2019

Our New Chakra Oracle

It's been a long creative journey, but so much to learn along the way.  Our oracle deck, Sacred Mysteries, The Chakra Oracle, and its guidebook are now available to order at your favorite bookstore.

This 49 card deck and its accompanying guidebook offer easy access into the chakra system. It's mystically beautiful and can help you or your clients discover new pathways to success. 

Monday, October 15, 2018

Every 3rd Weds, at 7 PM, in Cotati at Songbird Healing Center:

Mystic Secrets Tarot Meet And Read

In this presentation, we will focus on using the Tarot for self-discovery, to better understand our relationships, and to strengthen and expand our ability to use our intuition. With guided meditations and step-by-step card layouts we will explore specific ways to help you or your client move toward greater clarity and personal success.  

Each evening will be devoted to learning two or three specific major cards, the meanings of their symbols, and archetypes.  We will discuss different methods for learning how to best interpret the cards. 

Participants will be invited to do brief readings to gain experience using various spreads as a medium for drawing out emotions.  Bring your questions, your cards if you have them, and your willingness to give and be given short readings. Kooch Daniels, your guide, will be using several decks including Rider Waiter, Voyager Tarot, and others.

Suggested Donation: $7 to $20. Per class

Kooch is lead co-author of Tarot At A Crossroads, The Unexpected Meeting of Tarot And Psychology, and the emotionally insightful, Tarot D’Amour.  

If you’d like more info, please email her at mysticarts4u@yahoo.com

Monday, July 16, 2018

Tarot Telesummit --Tarot Horizons

You’re invited to a FREE TAROT event, the
The Spiritual Path of Tarot Telesummit 4 - Tarot Horizons!  to show you how to access the magic and meaning of these divining, magical cards

Registration is open.


The event will run from July 16 -27, with two calls per day, Monday through Friday at 10:00 am Pacific Daylight time and 1:00 pm Pacific Daylight time (excluding weekends).

Each call will be like a mini-class, complete with guided meditations! You’ll be able to listen to live calls online, by phone, or with your mobile device, and free 48-hour replays will allow you to listen at your convenience.

I'll be talking on the major card, The Empress

Wednesday, May 2, 2018

Tarot for Teens

written by Kooch and Victor Daniels
authors of Tarot At A Crossroads

            When the everyday world seems to lack answers, the Tarot can offer an alternative “reality”—especially for teens. More and more teens are using the Tarot to create a magical reality like Harry Potter’s world, or another that fits their own interests and explores questions that daily school life doesn’t seem to answer or even address.  Sometimes their excitement for Tarot can inspire soul wonder. But if they draw dark cards, they can leave a reader’s table with distrust or anxiety that lasts for a long time.
            In a world of perfect readers, there would be no need to address the importance of using tarot cards with impressionable teens in a psychologically sound manner.  But not all readers realize how heavily their words and interpretations can affect vulnerable young people who are newly searching for their paths. When you meet a teen who has been told by a reader that “he will never find love”, or that “the cards indicate that she isn’t capable of reaching a goal,” knowing how to reframe such messages as a way to realize one’s potential becomes urgent.
            In some ways many teens are well along to becoming adults, while in other ways they’re still kids whose judgment is not yet well developed. Pressure to know the advantages verses disadvantages in making important choices and to find answers to perplexing questions can be hidden under a teen’s shyness, their distraction by cell phones, or their unwillingness to openly discuss feelings.
            But never underestimate a young person’s natural intuition and wisdom, or what he or she might make of your comments. For example, instead of agreeing with your interpretation that the major arcana card “Justice” represents fairly weighing pros and cons, in a teen’s perception it can represent his right to photo bomb a classmate’s selfie.  To make sure you’re both communicating on the same track, be willing to ask relevant questions. Some young people will view you as a knowing authority and will accept your interpretations as a source of deciding truth. Others will view your comments primarily as a source of entertainment, or some as a combination of both.
            Although there are innumerable situations, and countless ways to discuss the cards, there are some beneficial methods for working that can inspire positive directions and self-discovery.  When possible, encourage a back-and-forth dialogue to gain clues and insight into a teen’s inner world. This may include what has actually gone on in the past, what is felt in the present, and concerns about the future that are triggered by the turned up cards.  This exploration opens up an opportunity to let out feelings that may be tightly kept inside.
            You can let teens talk about what they see in the images and speak in relation to whatever is most critical to them now.  You can let them have a turn at guiding the discussion to get a good sense of how they want to run with or from the messages they and you find in the card symbols. Keep in mind that many teens feel overwhelmed by the complex questions and dilemmas they face. What internal demons or emotional pressures may they be facing? A golden nugget might be uncovered when you open up a chance to make decisions that can lead in a helpful direction.
            Whatever process you use during your reading session, don’t forget the magic and mystery that the cards can inspire.  Without fail, it bodes well if your cards leave your client believing he or she can reach for the stars and find their way out of any mineshaft of confusion or fear.

Thursday, March 2, 2017

Celebrating Our New Book!

Looks so much nicer in print than on the computer....sitting in my hands for the first time.....OMG!!!!   Hoping you will LOVE it!

Saturday, November 19, 2016

New Book Release and Book Launch Party @ Songbird

Please help us celebrate, Tuesday Dec. 6th 

Book Launch Party from 7 to 8:30 pm. 

@ Songbird Community Healing Center

8297 Old Redwood Hwy.  Cotati, Ca.

           NEW!  NOVEMBER 2016


Tarot At The Crossroads, The Unexpected 
Meeting of Tarot and Psychology

by Kooch and Victor Daniels


IF YOU’RE A TAROT READER, you’ll find insights and understandings that are in no other work on the Tarot. The book addresses the relationship between reader and client. It shows how to uncover thoughts, feelings, and sensations that underlie first reactions to a card, and it offers a number of unique new spreads that can add additional dimensions and depth to your readings.

IF YOU’RE A COUNSELOR, our discussions of visual imagery will take you to new understandings for working with clients. Much of our thinking occurs as mental pictures and mind-movies. This book details how to use a collection of visual images as a substitute for psychodramatic enactment, empty chair dialogues, sand trays, or artistic media...and so much more!

 This wonderful book integrates traditional tarot interpretations with psychological insights to create meaningful interpretations and useful directions for your work whether you do readings for yourself, for friends, or professionally — or if you simply want to explore the value of using a symbolic language

The engaging style draws you right in. GET IT NOW at your favorite bookstore or click below on: