Tuesday, March 3, 2020

On the road again..

Just came back from presenting a Tarot workshop in La Paz, Baja Mexico.  I was blown away as I made it to our workshop environment.  Victor and I were presenting at a conference center that was way too beautiful to imagine.  OK...I can do this...No problem for a seasoned Tarot workshop presenter to go to work at a 5 stars grand hotel.  After all, I'm looking out at the Sea of Cortez and watching whales jumping in the waves.  My optimism surfaced as the sun warmed my winter ready bones.
   Oh...what ????  Did I forget to look at the calendar to note that I was arriving dark of the Moon, Mercury Retrograde?  Clinging to my trust in the goodness of my intentions to offer a candle flame of light, I forged ahead.  Of course, my muses winked their knowing glance before they fled from view.
    My class went well in rhythm with the ocean swells.  Everyone was sooooo happy....but for one dear heart.  She and I were like two ships going in opposite directions calling out to spirits from watery realms of shadows and insecurities. 
     How could I be so insensitive?  I didn't read her pain when I spoke of her earnest comment as an example of how to create problems when giving a reading.  Her bold spirit let me know that I was inept at understanding her or speaking her language.  She wanted me to know that I was failing at relating to her culture, that I sucked at understanding the issues of her lesbian identity.  (But in my self defense...I'm open to gay lifestyles.  Living in San Francisco bay area, one out of two readings I give are for people who are gay.). However.... Nothing I said was OK in her book of knowledge.
    Such a plight that I'm sharing with you, my invisible audience.  How do I know if I'm being judged as being right or wrong?  You weren't there to witness the tension in the air, or the problem of addressing potential problems that jump innocently into interactive dialogue. 
    I guess...I'm letting you hear a story of how shadows can dance on our soul in ways that we can't predict. We can only give our best, be who we are, and strive for a successful outcome.  Learning comes in many shades of black and white.
    Wish me luck....I'm on my way to give another Tarot workshop.