Monday, October 15, 2018

Every 3rd Weds, at 7 PM, in Cotati at Songbird Healing Center:

Mystic Secrets Tarot Meet And Read

In this presentation, we will focus on using the Tarot for self-discovery, to better understand our relationships, and to strengthen and expand our ability to use our intuition. With guided meditations and step-by-step card layouts we will explore specific ways to help you or your client move toward greater clarity and personal success.  

Each evening will be devoted to learning two or three specific major cards, the meanings of their symbols, and archetypes.  We will discuss different methods for learning how to best interpret the cards. 

Participants will be invited to do brief readings to gain experience using various spreads as a medium for drawing out emotions.  Bring your questions, your cards if you have them, and your willingness to give and be given short readings. Kooch Daniels, your guide, will be using several decks including Rider Waiter, Voyager Tarot, and others.

Suggested Donation: $7 to $20. Per class

Kooch is lead co-author of Tarot At A Crossroads, The Unexpected Meeting of Tarot And Psychology, and the emotionally insightful, Tarot D’Amour.  

If you’d like more info, please email her at